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3 Truly Amazing Internships for Art Students

By: Noel Dahl
March 6th, 2017

What does it really take to vault your resume onto the desks of America’s top creative employers? Here’s what the senior art director of a Fortune 500 company said recently in a Quora post: “The portfolio is what everyone looks at, hands down...The portfolio is the great and ultimate equalizer...Heck, for a designer job, I'd hire someone with a knockout portfolio and a high school education before I'd hire an MFA with a mediocre one and not think twice about it.” In other words, in your job hunt, your art school degree and even your grades probably won’t single-handedly get you the job of your dreams. What will help a lot, however, is a great internship. The Benefits of Internships for Art Students Landing an internship is a proven way to get your foot in the door with an otherwise hard-to-impress employer. According to an poll, you have a 7 in ten chance of being hired by the company you intern for. But whether or not your internship leads to a job offer, the right internship will give you the work experience and portfolio firepower to get noticed in the creative field. Here are 3 examples of internships for art students that will help you: Build a network of industry contacts. Bolster your resume Apply your college lessons to solving real-world problems.

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